What you missed it? You we Whatsapp


we Open a new contact form, and we join Whatsapp to send you the news most relevant of the day. We promise not to overwhelm your phone, so that you will only receive the featured content of motor, usually a news story a day maximum.


Terms of service

1. We currently only offer the distribution of news for users with phone numbers spain (+34).

2. The service is completely free.

3. We send messages through a distribution list, but you never add it to a group, so that no other user subscribed to our mailings informational will have access to your data or your phone number.

How to subscribe to our news dispatch?

1. Saved in your phonebook the number +34 644 290 756 under the name “motor”

2. Send us a message via Whatsapp with the word HIGH

If you want to stop receiving news via Whatsapp, send us a message via Whatsapp with the word LOW.