What you missed it? You were looking forward to see it: this is the aspect of a vw Transporter T6 GTI and R

absurd as it may seem, a priori, a van with sporty style makes a lot of sense. Even more so if it is a Volkswagen Transporter, and more specifically, of its latest generation, the T6. We are talking about a vehicle that not only is focused on commercial work, but also to clients who aspire to be a vehicle convenient for their hobbies outdoors, whether camping for the weekend, or sports like surfing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling…

The Transporter are very demanded by fans of surfing and snowboarding, customers who often demand customization options and aesthetic details special.

In the parking areas of the most famous beaches for surfing, you are likely to see parked at a Transporter, or several, with their supports for the table. Sometimes, even with special equipment, such as the campa drop-down from the ceiling. And also it is easy for you to find custom versions, with body colors rare, out-of-catalogue of Volkswagen. With which, and not just for performance but for aesthetics, think that would make a lot of sense to a Transporter with style GTI, as presented to us by X-Tomi Design, a designer who used to offer us many recreations of this type.


And as it seems that with a Volkswagen T6 Transporter style GTI didn’t have enough, it has done so by offering us a second recreation, the a Volkswagen Transporter T6 with body kit R and these wheels are very succulent, inherited from the Golf R. In this second case has been chosen for the body-panelled, of commercial vehicle.

A van with these tires is not too practical, and a body kit so sports may not make sense in a commercial vehicle, but the result, at least, convincing.

Though honestly I would ask Volkswagen to offer in your catalog options as to decorate the body in two tones, even tones of white and red, by way of tribute from the Transporter T1 original.

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Volkswagen Transporter T6