What you missed it? Your engine is in danger: why you should not jugártela to the time to change the oil?

Not everything is white or everything is black. This is how I will treat this sensitive topic to talk about if we have to respect without question the service intervals that provides the manufacturer or, on the contrary, we can do as so many others and make the change of oil when we come in wins. The life of our engine is in the game, and with this, we are also playing with a large sum of money and with which it will be, very possibly, our tool of work.

Intervalo-motor-070515-004in The end, you must take into account the actual use of the propellant, as perhaps might be worth bringing forward the maintenance to lengthen the life of our propellant in some cases

maintenance periods have become such a tedious task that you must always do at the worst time. The story is repeated with every car that travels on the road, where its driver has decided that if the oil has reached 15,000 miles, for what will not hold up to 20,000 kilometres, arguing this decision with a supposed savings of money and time, course I said… And so, this story is repeated time and again until many more cases that we end up by letting a mechanical in the same state on the left of this Audi TT.

The first thing that we forget are all of those myths about oils magic of one kind or another, special additives for this or that thing, impossible solutions to reduce consumption or increase power… The lubricant of the thruster is one of his pieces most fundamental, responsible for the correct operation of the thruster in all its work regime, leading to the lower wear and higher heat dissipation in the points of friction. The current materials have evolved to the point that the lubricants employees behave as a complement of the treatments applied in the material itself, and from here we find lubricants ever more complex looking for a much higher level of performance from a very special.

Intervalo-motor-070515-002like there is a propeller for each use, we have to take into account that the maintenance is also subject to variations related to our driving, our requirements in both the treatment and the climate that confronts our mechanical. Among the big enemies of lubricants and filters is the moisture, and the use of fuels of poor quality, causing the generation of waste and the loss of life and property endanger the health of the lubricant.

Is equal to the wear of an engine that does 15,000 Km on the highway than one that does 15,000 Km in city? Obviously not, and therefore, we must take into account that the period of service interval to provide a maximum margin to proceed to the replacement of lubricants and filters. You could say that to advance the service intervals will always be a resource to consider to lengthen the life of our engine, but obviously this policy would have a significant increase of the maintenance costs of our gas.

Audi 100 2.5 TDIWithout speaking of miles, the lubricants currently in use are able to withstand two years of use without loss of properties. The generic recommendation is to make the change on an annual basis to retain the maximum of their properties

manufacturers set maintenance periods on the basis of the scenarios work more difficult, , so that we must always take the recommendations of the manufacturer as the periods of maximum time. Extend a few kilometers need not be a problem, but it certainly is not the most advisable thing.

The final decision is in the hands of each owner, because nobody better than he to know what is best for your car. The periods of review and maintenance established by the manufacturer are not recommendations, but periodic tasks to ensure the best performance. With these data, each must analyze your driving, and the scenarios of use of your vehicle, committed to respect the intervals proposed, or against to establish their own patterns of service depending on the usage. Yes, never alter the service intervals to extend the use of the lubricant, then without a doubt you will be cutting the life of your engine, wasting fuel and polluting more.

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