What you saw too German? Daimler oversaw the development and quality of Renault Talisman


Renault he went to a team German experts of Daimler to monitor the production process of the new Talisman. The French wanted to exceed the level of quality offered by Volkswagen in the Passat or Ford in the Mondeo.


Renault-Talisman-18 A Renault never closed the accounts or the Laguna or the Latitude and the arrival of Talisman try to settle the debt in the sedan segment. That’s why this new product presented it as a revolution will bet on sobriety and especially for the quality, depending on to win customers back into that segment.

Its sober style and quality respond to the group of German experts who supervised its production.

After his presentation occurred yesterday, there were many voices raised indicating that this was a product with a strong German inspiration . It’s just that it was the commitment of Renault to try to regain lost ground, since resorted to a team of German experts of Daimler to oversee the creation and especially the quality of Talisman.

is that Renault can do no wrong and wanted to achieve in terms of product quality is ahead of its direct competitors like the Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo. In addition in the 2015’s not easy trying to convince potential compradors of the virtues of a sedan on a SUV .

Renault-Talisman However, despite its German mark, Renault Talisman will printed to some sober traits but which combine a number of elements that characterize their latest creations, which is evident especially in the front and maybe not in the posterior and lateral.

A quality level generalist firms have taken an important step, which has been demonstrated in the past Passat and Mondeo thus taking advantage of the longstanding cooperation between Nissan-Renault and Daimler, did not hesitate to turn to the Germans to oversee everything related to quality, which was carried out by a team of experts who supervised the entire production process.

The commitment to differentiate substitute model which has been strong, so that even decided to dispense with the designation Laguna they had adopted in 1993 for the successor to the Renault 21 and already had three generations. We will have to closely observe market behavior to see if the path chosen by Renault was correct.






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