What you seem to be a few 350 HP in a Focus? Much eye: Ford is already thinking of a Focus RS, more powerful

Still have not tested it, and we’re already thinking that, without doubt, the Ford Focus RS can be one of the new references of the compact sports. Not only are the 350 HP of power, but also the way in which they tell us has been designed, with a making a radical point, and a awd system that not only is it important to deal with such a display of power, but also to influence their dynamics (and according to Ford, even enjoy skidding). With this letter of introduction to the Ford Focus RS, hardly would want more power. To overcome that offered by the Ford we would have to move to more expensive alternatives, and at the same time distinguished and premium, see the Mercedes-AMG A45 or the Audi RS3. But Ford wants to curl curl and, by the looks of it, they are thinking of a Focus RS even more radical and powerful.

According to Coach, that is what some leaders of the Ford would have counted. The decision would still be pending final approval, but if we look back, and think of the history of the Focus RS, we find that Ford has opted for this possibility on more than one occasion, even though it was by way of special edition and limited run.


  • people Coach because he was talking about, even improve the numbers of acceleration marked by beasts such as the revamped Mercedes-AMG A45, placed in a 0 to 100 km/h under 4.2 seconds. These are figures of a heart attack. The big problem is that its price would also increase considerably, and approaching the barrier of 50.000€ in a vehicle of these characteristics would not also be crazy. We would talk about a price premium. How would that possibility to be a special edition and very exclusive?

    This Ford Focus RS would take it to the limit the possibilities of its four-cylinder engine and turbo, the 2.3 Ecoboost. Also save weight, probably removing components dispensable for any other thing that is not going very fast, and replacing exterior panels for pieces of carbon fiber and aluminum, or even replacing glass by polycarbonate. Let’s say that we would be faced with a very radical, and more driver-focused weekend, and circuit, that when looking for a compact, sporty and practical for the day-to-day.

    To which we can say no other thing than so be it!

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