What you tell me of these Ford Mustang clothes police?

Ford Mustang Steedais Not the first time that we see a sporty dress police. We have a clear example of not sports, but supersports dressed up with accessories of bodies safety in Dubai, where from a BMW i8 to a Bugatti Veyron through the streets in search of “cacos”. Despite this, we have drawn a lot of attention this idea that proposes Steeda to the interceptors of the police of the united States, two Ford Mustang, each with a different purpose, ready to face any mission.

For those who do not know, interceptors are vehicles of a higher performance within the fleet of the bodies of security americans dedicated to pursue offenders with “frames” of higher power. In our continent this figure of “car interceptor” is not too well known, but in the country of bars and stars is plenty. This would be the work of the Ford Mustang which presents the preparer Steeda digitally, and at a glance seems to give the profile to the thousand wonders.

Ford Mustang SteedaThe first of them, the Steeda around q500 Mustang Police Interceptor, it sits on the base Mustang GT, including by both the V8 engine this version mounts. In addition, this preparation has a system of admission of cold air, exhaust system, and updates to the software that make it possible to raise the power end. In the same way has undergone a complete review of its skeleton, including material aluminium as the components of the suspension G-Trac and the stabilizing love of other accessories that increase their dynamic capabilities.

The same commitment you have had with the Steeda Q750 Mustang Police Interceptor version highlights compressor volumetric Whipple that have been installed and the suspension, which is even more radical than that of around q500. Contrary to the above, the preparer Steeda if gives figures of power end, meeting in the Q750 with 788 horsepower and 887 Nm of torque extracted from the mechanical V8 5.0-liter that we all know.

This Ford Mustang signed by Steeda you may receive a package aesthetic aimed at special forces and government agencies, where the suit is more discreet to go unnoticed, or the official uniform of the police force to serve. What do you think? It would not be bad to see one of these patrolling our roads, right?

Source – Steeda