What’s new in store for us Tesla for 2017: Model 3, Model And Powerwall 2, and more

Tesla novedades 2017

we Collect the news that Tesla Motors has prepared for the year 2017.

I dare to say that in 2017, Tesla will be one of the manufacturers and companies to take into account because of the many firsts that we have prepared the company led by Elon Musk. If this year is about to end has been very product both economically as well as expansive, the innovations that are coming do not do more than increase the growth that you will experience Tesla in the rest of the decade.

But, what’s in store for Tesla Motors for 2017? We have many, and go beyond the introduction of new electric car (even though it’s thick of your business). And is that the next year will hit the market as expected Powerwall 2 or the solar panels developed, manufactured and marketed by SolarCity. On the other hand, 2017 will also be the “starting gun” for the disembarkation of the company into new segments.

As well see, there are many firsts or releases that Tesla will perform over the next year. In this article we will be detailing each of these new developments that we will be meeting in the coming months.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 will be the grand launch of Tesla in 2017.

there Are many articles that we have dedicated this year to 2016, the Tesla Model 3. The new model that will launch Tesla to the market is closer to (or perhaps not). Situated as the option of access to the range of models of the brand, will be available by the end of next year. If you meet the deadlines established by the manufacturer (which would not be the first time that they have to review), first deliveries will be carried out in the last semester of 2017.

however, there are several facts regarding the Tesla Model 3 that still have not occurred and that, obviously, we will live in the next few months. And is the presentation of the final model of production. So, what has been seen to date, is a prototype of pre-production, the design of which is not completed at 100%. And the same goes with your interior, by now, he was able to see, it is a cabin which we anticipated the idea to, and/or general outline that we find in the production model.

therefore, in 2017 we will know the final design of the Model 3, while that will take place the first deliveries of which will be, for the moment, the electric car more affordable Tesla. It will also be detailed their whole range as well as a list of definitive prices.

Tesla Model And


Recreation of the Tesla Model And designed by Theophilus Chin.

new crossover designed by Tesla will not reach the dealerships in 2017, however, and according to the information current, its implementation over will be in the year that is about to arrive. Still we do not know the design of the Tesla Model And but has already generated considerable discussion within and outside of the company as Tesla debate whether to give or not of the doors type “gull-wing” of that enjoyed by the will be its bigger brother, the Tesla Model X.

Regardless of the final decision taken by the designers of the brand, there is still much to see in the market, as its launch is not expected until the end of this decade. Will come after the Model 3, so don’t wait until at the earliest in 2018.

A minibus based on the Model X

Tesla minibús

Recreation of the future minibus of Tesla based on the Model X. Render created by: Jason Torchinsky.

Confirmed by the Elon Musk via his official Twitter account, it will be one of the releases more interesting that will Tesla in the next few years. A minibus based on the Tesla Model X. Also see circulate on the roads in 2017, however, the next year will be when the company disclosed the first concrete details about this product that is about to arrive.

By now many guesses on whether it will be marketed as a higher-end model of its range or in its place, Tesla will turn it into a vehicle of consumption. Also deck that the manufacturer of electric opted for both options. A priori, pointing to a minibus for companies that need to daily move several of his workers from one place to another.

Powerwall 2

Powerwall 2

batteries domestic Powerwall 2 will arrive in 2017. In the first place will go on sale in the united States.

At the beginning of 2017 will be the first deliveries of the new Powerwall 2. Currently Tesla already produces the battery pack in your Gigafactoría to be able to start the deliveries from the month of January in the united States. For the rest of the markets where Tesla sells the Powerwall 2 will have to wait a few more months.

After entering a large number of improvements, such as having doubled its capacity, it is expected that the new Powerwall 2 Tesla to increase significantly the sales with respect to the first generation of these batteries for household use. In Spain the first premises of the Powerwall of Tesla will be carried out from next summer 2017. Currently the Powerwall of 14 kWh is on sale for 6.100€.

The integration of SolarCity with Tesla



During the next year, SolarCity will begin to be integrated gradually within the business and channels of distribution of Tesla. The group, once integrated with Tesla, it will start to work together with Panasonic to set up production in a factory in Buffalo, the second largest city in the state of New York (USA). There will produce cells, modules and solar panels.