Whatsapp and similar, the main cause of distracting technology while driving


Will confirm my worst suspicions: the victims of traffic accidents have not declined, for the second consecutive year, by the distractions that cause the mobile phones. Already is not only to see to drivers in traffic jams or traffic lights using the mobile, is to see them in march also.

On the blog of the RACC already warned: read a message you can divert our gaze from the road for almost 5 seconds, and that at 120 km/h assumes that the car runs about 150 metres without any control. The society does not consider that the mobile phone is as dangerous as alcohol or drugs, but the effect can be the same.

There are applications that have streamlined feature for driving, but are for voluntary use. The automobile club RACC proposes that the mobile applications could be used in up to have some limitation to reduce distractions. For example, can be determined by using GPS if the vehicle is in motion, and cancel functionality, or have a mode airbag.


The law is very clear: you can’t manipulate appliances that cause distractions or in motion, or at red traffic lights, or in traffic jams. Photo: Jason Weaver (Flickr) CC BY

Such a certification would have utility for that 25.8% of situations in which drivers use applications designed for automotive use, according to the study published in the journal for the members of the RACC. We would be speaking of applications such as Waze, iCoyote, gas Stations Spain, etc.

it Is possible to introduce the technology without causing distraction, in the words of LluĂ­s Puerto, technical director of the RACC Foundation. In fact, the operating systems Android Auto and Apple Carplay allow you to manipulate very concrete applications in place, by integrating part of their functions in the systems of infotainment of the car. But this is not a reality for a minority of drivers.

The ideal would be to have the mobile phone saved in a compartment with a cover, such as the chest center, to be possible while it is charged, and in silence. Calls can be taken care of equally with a hands-free system via BlueTooth, and in some systems you can receive SMS messages, and even dictate stories! without removing your hands from the steering wheel.

The drivers are often distracted with…

messaging Applications 51,1%
Calls without using hands-free 35,4%
mobility Applications 25,8%
social Networks of 19.8%
by Browsing the Internet 13.4 per cent

The data are worrisome. Since it is not only that the driver banalice about the risk involved in combining instant messaging with driving, is that sometimes their partners are the first to encourage the risk. Who has not received a message when I had already made it clear that it was going to be driving? For these things is the voice call.

occurs Not only with the drivers, one out of every five pedestrian crosses without looking. While the regulations grant a priority to the pedestrian in the authorized sites, it does not eliminate the possibility of accident, since it may have distracted drivers. Before crossing, even though we have priority, we must make sure that we have seen, seeking the eyes of the driver. It is a good method to prevent outrages.

technology can not protect us from our own stupidity. We have to learn to live with mobile phones, but without backward in the effort to reduce the victims that so much effort has cost. Any notice you can wait and be addressed later. Mute the phone is the best way to avoid the temptations.