When a car passes in hand within inches of you and to 220 km/h, you need a change of underwear

The video that we collect today for you has left us ice cream. It is a session of drifting at the Gatebil Festival, a famous event that takes place in the Rudskogen Motorsenter, the circuit tarmac most famous in Norway. Although Rudskogen may even be based on tests of Formula 1, Gatebil is its main attraction. In this event, everything has its place, but it is world renowned for its incredible displays of cars prepared and championships of drifting. And to the participants of Gatebil they often go hand.

Have been Fredric Aasbo and Mad Mike Whiddett in charge of providing a game of dirty underwear to the photographers and spectators behind the barrier.

Because they make crazy things like you have below. After the very long straight of Rudskogen, cars drifting they come in a drifting controlled at high speed. One of the most dangerous maneuvers, with no margin for error and with a kinetic energy that can end in a disaster before any calculation error. Several drifters began a drift to 220 km/h, passing just inches from a photographer accredited and a spectator, separated from the action by just a meter, recording the scene from the sidelines.

The violence of the input is such that the poster of 150 meters for the curve came out fired, and the car rose up a great quantity of stones and earth. It is difficult to describe with words, so I suggest you to see the video that we have made on these lines.

Source: The Drive
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