When nature ceases to threaten us, we must create predators: Hellcat [video]

Once, humans lived threatened by predators. Saber-toothed tigers, big cats, wolves, vermin and deadly diseases. Today our world is aseptic has lost its natural hazards, is made in our image and likeness. But some still believe predators. Predators four wheels, aggressive cats that have nothing to do with Jaguar … Hellcats. “Predators” is one of the best results that you will see this week . And not just for the soundtrack of Phil Collins.

The ad lasts 90 seconds and is done by the same agency that brought us wonderful ad that called Wisdom , which celebrated 100 years as a manufacturer of Dodge cars. This ad focuses on the Hellcat brothers – Challenger and Charger – as well as the Dodge Viper. Maximum performance based Dodge offer, in a night setting. An ad that are identified as prohibited machines enjoy very little politically correct. The types of cars that we like in motor.

After a battle to the death between the three superdeportivosw, these three machines we revel in an advertisement for excellent photography. Start calm, quiet pace of bars of “In the Air Tonight” the great Phil Collins. Collins crushing battery, and Hellcat begin to roar and burn rubber. A voiceover tells us that we had to create our own monsters, while Phil Collins sings you’ve been waiting for this moment all his life. Definitely, they do good ads Dodge.

In motor: The American video you’ll see today: battle to the death between the Hellcat brothers and the Dodge Viper

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