When superstition comes very expensive: you pay almost 100,000 euros for his registration, and the Police did not leave him in peace

Kai Long is a man of chinese business, the possessor of a business of distribution of fruit in the city of Zhenzhou, full central China. We have already spoken of the good business that they are license plates custom, and how it is an opportunity that is missing in Spain. This trader is very superstitious, and thought that would be an excellent idea spent nearly 100,000 euros on a tuition custom with the object of attracting good fortune for your business. So I thought, innocently.

The 8 is considered the lucky number in the chinese culture, which is still very superstitious in some aspects.

The tuition acquired is “K-88888”. There are five eights in a row, a winning combination, the luckiest number in the chinese culture. It is common practice for business men to buy license plates custom, with the goal of having the highest number of eight possible in the same. The 2008 Beijing Olympics began on 8 August 2008, at 8:08 hours. What I don’t understand is the logic in spending € 100,000 on a license plate to ride in a small vehicle for just 4,000 euros.

matricula-china-88888-2Kai Long wanted to call attention with this registration, attracting sales and profits to your business. We hope that you have not invested all of their capital is a tuition, instead of a fleet of vehicles wider or facilities are best. Be that as it may, the superstition has gone very face. The day in which he premiered the registration, the police stopped him, and the next day he was stopped no less than eight times. On all occasions the authorities thought that the numbering of his / her tuition was completely false.

Each of the stops has lasted half an hour, and each time a police officer saw your registration, you stop. On one occasion, even the police found with the frame number and engine serial number of his small pickup truck that his registration was for real. Was barely able to work, as he is constantly being stopped by the police. The superstitions and the desire of attract good luck, sometimes it can come out very expensive. Let’s hope that little by little the police know your car and leave it quiet.

Source: Daily Mail