When the Made in China works: a folding garage so your car does not suffer at

Leave your car parked on the street is not the best of ideas. The car is exposed to the weather – sun, rain, cold, etc. – And at the mercy of vandals and / or foreign friends . However, sometimes it is the only option available. What if you could protect your car being parked on the street? From China comes a great invention so your car does not suffer at : a kind of protective cocoon for your car, portable garage, individual and folding . A really good invention.

seems ideal for those who have a parking space outside your building solution.

And certainly better than typical canvas some use . Although it will be more expensive, the car is much more protected and nothing is left to air. What’s more, you can lock it so that no one can even look inside. Its operation is very simple. We parked the car reversing, got off, and we activate the motorized shell . This shell built-duty canvas which unfolds hood of a convertible in just seconds, leaving our car completely isolated.

If I lived in an apartment block that was allocated in a parking garage outside, sincerely I would consider making an investment in this type of apparatus. I do not know the price of this invention , the company that manufactures and complication – or not – for installation in a parking space outside, but I do not think the price is low. A few thousand euros and the permission of the residents would be required in Spain, certainly.

Source: Carscoops
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