When the park is transformed into the saga of “all gas” [video]

A lady seems to have been possessed by the devil when you try to park your car in a quiet street. The old woman begins to hit violently your vehicle, putting at risk the lives of those around you.

Chen park it is, it is common for some elderly people behind the wheel are the protagonists of unusual situations, when performing dozens of maneuvers for attempting to park their vehicles in squares with room to spare.

But without a doubt, the lady which stars in this video will surprise you, as after you park your vehicle with finesse and even after opening the lid of the trunk, seems to have been possessed by the devil. Suddenly begins to accelerate at full throttle, impacting against everything in its way, advanced and receding, even putting at risk the people who walk around.

Its accompanying notes perplexed on the sidewalk while the old woman strikes violently against a parked car, at the time that another person takes action to finally stop the vehicle.