Where did BMW the manual gearbox of the M5 E60? Why are only sold in the united States?

BMW M5 E60 was a M atypical, without a doubt. It was the only M5 in history to equip a engine 10 cylinders in V, an explosive atmospheric 5.0-liter able to climb up to the 8,000 rpm. An engine that shared DNA with the engines of Formula 1, and that from the first moment only sold attached to a gear box sequential seven relationships. However, BMW had to hurry “ripping off” the manual gearbox for the BMW M5 E60, to the discontent and anger of the consumers… us.

BMW has announced to stop providing gearboxes manual in the M5 and M6 americans. Never offered in Europe.

The public of BMW Motorsport is much more purist in the united States than in Europe. The adoption rates of the boxes, manuals in the BMW more sports are superior to the other side of the pond, although in the rest of the car the automatic changes to exercise a domain relentless on the three pedals. When BMW launched in 2005, the fantastic M5 E60 – after a runaway success with the BMW M5 E39 – the american public was disappointed with the inability to equip a manual change to your superberlina. Surprisingly, there were no complaints in Europe.

bmw-m5-e60-manual-1* I have Not found official images of a M5 E60 manual, only pictures unofficial.

BMW of North America ended by buckling to the demands of the american consumer, while searching for a solution to this problem. Ended up ride in the BMW M5 E60 the manual gearbox of six relations of the BMW M5 E39, transferred practically without changes. Yes had to recalibrate the engine electronics, as well as advanced electronic controls chassis adjustable. BMW wasted no time or money mounting a manual box in the M5 E60: one-half of sales in the U.S. were versions of three pedals.

For the current BMW M5 and M6, BMW offered automatic gearboxes dual-clutch and seven relationships of the series, with the option of manual gearbox. But it seems that the american consumers have lost interest in a superberlina of 560 CV with three pedals. BMW announced recently that he would no longer mount boxes manuals in the M5 and M6, alluding to the demand almost non-existent.

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