Where the hell are the door handles of the Lincoln Continental?

new Lincoln Continental has become the talk of the day. Not only for the event that already assumes the fact that Lincoln’s re-filing a sedan of representation of these characteristics, but also by the use of ideas which are so original and unusual, such as its integration of the handles to open the doors. It was clear that Lincoln did not want to allow the door handles to break the design of the sculptural silhouette of the Lincoln Continental, but how do demons have managed to hide them?

we had Already seen ideas so aided as to hide the handles of the rear doors in the door frame, very common in compact. A solution that often does not convince, especially when the shooter, of plastic, not enjoying the quality apparent that we should expect in such a car.

In vehicles of high range, and sports, there are other types of solutions, such as those that hide the handle so that it does not protrude and is flush to the door. Has not been the case of Lincoln, to avoid breaking the visual that creates the handle of the door, has opted to to integrate them in the own chrome frame of the windows. An idea that has been left stunned many of the attendees at the Detroit motor show.

lincoln-continental-tirador-puertas-02If we contemplate well the top image, in which we have expanded the detail, still we will find another curiosity of the Lincoln Continental, and, in general, sedans americans.

Those numbers illuminated in the window frame, in the center column of the car, are used to mode PIN code, which can be customized to the liking of the driver, to open the doors without the need to carry the keys of the car over. A PIN code as the one that we would use to unlock our mobile phone, or pay with a credit card.

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