Where the term Shooting Brake comes? Why is misusing?

In motor we are constantly talking about cars with the surname Shooting Brake . Mercedes has released CLA and CLS with the name Shooting Brake. The reality is that they are simply familiar versions of four-door coupes – another name itself debatable. The name Shooting Brake is much older , and although commonly used to define a two-door family car, has its origins early last century XIX . What the hell refers the original term?

The term was born as a carriage with space for weapons intended for hunting.

Refers to carriages for hunting trips. Its origin is British, as it could not be otherwise. A brake then referred a car pulled by horses, originally used to tame horses “strong spirit”. A shooting brake was just a horse – usually adapted from a car with longitudinal banks – adapted to carry hunting weapons and tools. Hunting was the favorite sport of the British upper classes, lords and Sirs .

For more than a century was the only meaning to shooting brake , but everything changed with the arrival of the internal combustion engine. In its first decades, the car was almost exclusive property of the upper classes, whose interests had not changed much. It was common for many customers of the upper classes encargasen special bodied cars – a time when every car was made as – to go hunting comfortably . Were generally of luxury vehicles, eg precious Rolls-Royce .

Until the 50-60 was not born the current meaning: a family of two doors .

Some vehicles without roof and windows, used in the first safari history, also received the designation. Already in the 30s of the twentieth century was born estate car . Translated into Spanish as a family car or station wagon, its original raison d’ĂȘtre was that they were as capable of carrying weapons to a hunting trip, as passengers carry luggage and to the station. An evolution of shooting brake original, which thereafter was limited to the current niche: two-door coupe with station wagon


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The 60s and 70s were the era when conceived what we now know as shooting brake . Some wealthy gentleman decided to commission a coupe with a special bodywork for hunting and born a much more practical vehicle, but equally attractive. Jay Kay himself has recently sold his Ferrari 330 GT Shooting Brake, the perfect definition of this car: based on a Ferrari 330 GT Coupe Vignale Carrozo forms the back with family , seeking more space and distinction.

Today Shooting Brake applies to single family. It’s just marketing.

As applied only to coupes, the shooting brake acquired an aura of distinction and elegance , which has remained in the popular imagination until today. At least in the car fans. One of the first shooting brake production was Volvo P1800 ES based on the Volvo precious P1800 two doors. The United States had already groped this type of body, without excessive commercial success. However, several prototypes based on muscle cars came to occur.

And now the present. During the years prior to this decade, only special bodywork type shooting brake occurred, unless it is deemed to Volvo C30 An shooting brake – in the background, a heartfelt tribute to Volvo P1800 ES . And then someone decided to call Mercedes Shooting Brake a pseudo-wagon version of the Mercedes CLS . I do not blame anyone, but they are really building a version with more trunk of a four-door coupe, itself an elegant four doors and a lower profile.

And shortly after have done the same with the Mercedes CLA younger brother CLS . Audi spent years casting prototypes under the name Shooting Brake, who quit unless something more practical versions of compact sports cars or SUVs. So far have not been released commercially, retained Sportback as a trade name. Time to time. Where is the border between a classic shooting brake and the current sense? Really, where marketing departments want it put.


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