Whether hybrid or not, I hope the next Nissan GT-R looks like this

With reason Hall of Tokyo 2015 Nissan has given life to a Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo which, remember, was born originally to make act of presence in the our consoles, Gran Turismo. Now, in the appointment of japanese, has been present “in flesh and bone” ready to make us think already in the next generation Nissan GT-R.

This conceptual model has a mechanical hybrid of 800 horses

Its design is more difficult to transfer to production… but its mechanics gives us a good clue about the future Nissan GT-R.

Panels oversized, huge side fins, a large spoiler at its rear, optical design, vertical, a huge rear diffuser… a spectacular painting, more like a space ship than a supercar, futuristic, radical…

But, what about its mechanics?

There have been few rumors that have been located under the body of the next Nissan GT-R a new mechanical hybrid. Many sources already give for fact that the next generation will use a set electric to accompany the propellant conventional… and this prototype does not do more than to give more free rein to this idea.

The Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo is inspired by a propeller V6 twin-turbo and a set of three electric motors, thus achieving a total power of 800 horses delivered to the 4 wheels.

The path mechanics seems to be defined. A V6 supercharged and hybridized, now we just have to wait to see if the Nissan GT-R looks like, minimally, to this conceptual model of radical countenance that we have been able to enjoy in the Lounge of Tokyo.