Which Continental showed us at CES is a door to the future

Continental is one of the companies that feature a large number of their products on our vehicles. From tires, to small and unnoticeable sensors form part of our vehicle of the hand of the company. So we always have a space in the CES in Las Vegas and this is what they have shown this year.


Dynamic eHorizon: Internet in your car

To achieve the vehicle save on fuel, be aware of the state of the firm, the weather conditions or is suitable for driving an autonomous need a lot of support as it is the use of the Internet.

With Dynamic eHorizon the car can access to all information you need stored in the cloud that will be applied to the electronics the same.

In the CES, Continental showed that this technology consumption was reduced by 4% and how is it used by the dynamic data to go beyond the vision of the driver and warn him of possible dangers on the road before being visible.



The new entertainment system to the steering wheel presents a new concept, move the contents of the main screen and take you to other screens. With this, the system will show the driver the information where you need to see it, based not only on their needs but also in function of your situation.

The system may use applications installed in the phone of the driver or of the passengers and be based on HTML5 for the integration to be compatible with both in the system and the mobile phone.

This system will offer an innovative HMI (Interaction man-machine) that will facilitate its use by the driver.


System Centerstack with curved screen

To these new functionalities futurists lack an environment futuristic, so the design needs to be up to par. The system Centerstack provides a curved surface on which they are mounted two touch screens AMOLED of 12.3 inches.

To reduce distraction behind the wheel have been incorporated to the screens, a tactile feedback, resistance to pressure with a guide for the finger, and detection of gestures.

it should Be noted that the curved design of the box based on the plastic cheaper price of the system.


Screen adaptive

As each driver is unique, each with their own habits behind the wheel, the system adapts to its user, is configurable depending on the region and allows the user to modify the position of the buttons digital taste.

In this way the driver can create his own HMI easily, and create shortcuts to your favorite applications.