While enjoying this super kart with motorcycle engine and 230 hp cars snack more than 1,000 CV [video]

The super kart you see on your images is not wearing a simple motor bike. It is a construction machine 100% handmade, with a reinforced chassis on which is mounted a four-cylinder engine and a liter of displacement. It is an engine that originally was to be found in the Honda CBR1000RR , and has been enhanced to 230 hp . An engine that enables this car wreck in drag racing to more powerful machines, some even surpassing the 1,300 hp. Little joke, gentlemen.

I would not reach its 320 km / h top speed, or crazy.

The super kart has ce the 0-100 km / h in just 2.4 seconds , and passes its power to the rear axle by a chain. Its gearbox is sequential and she can complete a quarter mile in just 9 seconds. Its top speed stands at 320 km / h, but not want to see it in a machine that does not have suspension and whose tires are not much bigger than the height of a soda diameter. Makes a mockery of the super-kart Colin Furze, that that reached 100 km / h with a jet engine.

is a printing machine, able to beat an Audi S4 B5 with an enhanced up to 1,080 hp and bestial 9ff TR 1300 , whose engine develops no less than 1,300 hp . And leaves behind both in competition with rolling start acceleration, which on paper should benefit both conventional size cars. Here’s a video in which conveniently appreciate the brutal acceleration of this pocket rocket.

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