While the 1-Series flirts with the front-wheel-drive the next Alfa Romeo Giulietta could be rear-wheel drive

From the United Kingdom, from the hand of Auto Express, we get a peculiar rumor: next compact Alfa Romeo, the generational change of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, it might make your condition of front-wheel-drive and attack the segment of the compact premium by adopting a provision of traction in the rear.

we must Not lose sight that perhaps the next BMW Series 1 follow the reverse path and go to the front-wheel drive, using the platform used by MINI and by the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer /Gran Tourer.

This movement would come not by the search of a new philosophy, not wanting to give a distinction to this compact premium, but simply due to the fact search to give the platform of the Giulia in greater cost-effectiveness, evolucionándola, acortándola, adapting it to the needs of this future compact.

This information would Alberto Dillilo, head of design, who would have pointed you in an event that the next Giulietta would come from the hand of this platform

according To the above-mentioned british we could expect more details of this model in the next year, reaching the streets in 2017. Of course we cannot rule out alternatives awd in some variants.

we Must remember that the next steps of the signature would be, if met forecasts, at the direction of, after the marketing of the well-known Alfa Romeo Giulia is a new saloon on top of this, withinl segment E, a “anti BMW Series 5” and a new SUV.