Whiting do not understand the complaints of the pilots


Charlie Whiting has
it rejected the arguments put forward by the pilots of Formula 1
that usually demand more weight in the decisions that are made,
both sporting and regulatory. The last movement of
pilots was an open letter to managers and policy makers of the
championship in which they demanded a regeneration and reorganization
of the agencies of government.

One of the
directly involved in the management, in this case in the
technical section mainly, ensures you do not understand the complaints of
the pilots in that aspect. Charlie Whiting, in a statement to
Autosport, says that “you have many, many opportunities
talk about the rules with us. Honestly, I don’t see how
might make it more”
, sentenced the british.

Whiting listed
different organisms in which the pilots could be heard,
as “the meetings of working groups, technical and sports
the pilots are always invited. Also have a
chair in the Commission FIA circuits, but again the
attendance is not as high as would be desirable”
, noting in addition
“there is nothing to stop a pilot to tell
your team leader is your point of view because all the teams are
present in the Commission

For the purposes of
week of Grand Prix, held numerous meetings in which
deal with the issues relating to the competition, such as changes in
the circuit, incidents that had occurred during that weekend in particular or
in the above, as well as many other topics of today. That’s why,
Whiting points out that “all the race weekends have the
a chance to sit down and discuss what you want. Not only talk about
on what happened on the track, talk about all kinds of things
. And
I am always glad to talk with them, we had a meeting
in Barcelona and as you know,
many riders were present, something that is fantastic”
ended up commenting Whiting.

What you may not
end of understand Charlie Whiting is that pilots, more than
claim a speaker with which to express their views,
demand is that these views should be taken into account