Whiting explains the action of the commissioners in Mexico


Charlie Whiting has appeared in the official press conference of the FIA coupled to the pilots involved in the controversy aroused in the Grand Prix of Mexico.

The british leader had addressed one by one all the issues related to the commissioners, including the insults of Sebastian Vettel towards his person. Whiting believes that it is time to turn the page and forget it, as Vettel apologized immediately.

Penalty to Verstappen, but not to Hamilton for breaking the curve 1

“The difference is mainly that in the case of Lewis (Hamilton) won advantage and, in the case of Max (Verstappen) yes he won it. If I show a video you will be able to see it. Lewis wins advantage, but returns immediately, lift your foot to return that advantage, and a minute later out comes the Safety Car and that advantage disappears, so that the commissioners thought they didn’t need any advantage.”

“In the case of Max, if you had been lifting your foot, you would have lost the position, therefore, the commissioners believed they deserved a penalty: because they thought that he won a seat and not returned. Let’s say that this is the fundamental reason between these two incidents”.

Penalty to Vettel for his defense on Ricciardo

“We’ll have to return to Hungary with the cases of Kimi and Max. It was discussed a lot in Germany, and said that moving in the braking should not be done. In Japan there was that incident between Lewis and Max. Lewis complained, and we look, but we felt that did not deserve punishment. , we Established three conditions that we put in place from the Grand Prix of Mexico for the pilot should be punished. If the pilot makes a change of direction, and can be dangerous during braking, the commissioners will say that it is a dangerous maneuver and you will be punished and this is how they look. When they saw it, they thought that Sebastian was moved. They believed that it was dangerous and abnormal and could lead to an accident, we have more images to prove it. If it had been in another area, perhaps there would have been no penalty. Sebastian was very close and gave the three conditions that were of concern to the commissioners and so they decided to impose”.

The information that is handled the commissioners

“Each incident is different, some might be similar, but when you examine you have to remember that the commissioners have a number of images which are huge and have a lot of data that you do not see. In principle, it is easy and it seems that it is not consistent, but when you look at it in detail and you look closely, there are differences, they are not equal, that’s why sometimes you need a little more explanation”.

The language of Sebastian Vettel…

“this is Not the first time that we hear this kind of language, was not fortunate, Sebastian was frustrated but he came quickly to ask me to apologize, from there I look step page. Things happen in the heat of the moment, from my point of view is enough”.

… and the comparison with Donald Trump

I don’t know what you have to see Donald Trump with this, but I would say about this language, the question is whether or not to issue. We should talk about it, I don’t understand what you’re asking me, with my previous answer I think that is enough”.

The loopholes of asphalt

“I Think that we have already done in some circuits where we have similar situations to Mexico, Monza, Montreal, and that we have developed systems for pilots to take a different route to get back on track. It was not the case of Mexico by the grass, which was new and it was more difficult. We will try to reach an agreement and see what we can do to try to make that no discussion about whether lost time or not”.