Whiting: “I see No way to simplify the rules, is a sport complejo”


Charlie Whiting believes that the request of some drivers, team principals and Bernie Ecclestone to simplify the rules relating to the piloting is not something realistic that can be done in a sport complex as is the racing and, more specifically, in a discipline such as Formula 1.

on Wednesday, Bernie Ecclestone was proposed to study a simplification of the rules on the meeting of the Strategy Group in which were present the six top teams, Jean Todt, Chase Carey and Ecclestone. Although not yet reached any agreement, they are several team leaders that are in agreement, not Charlie Whiting, the Race Director.

For Whiting, all the sport has become something more complex. All the rules of piloting could be summed up in that all drivers must drive safely. But when you have a simple rule like that, you’re continually wondering what that means, can we do you do this? qodemos do that?”, something that’s also Technical Delegate of the FIA thinks that there is so that the rules are more simple, because we have a sport complex, so it is really as it is and this is how it has been developed in the last twenty years”.

in Addition, Whiting has been criticized for what many consider to be an excess of prudence in the past Great Prize of Brazil, in which there were several red flags and quite a few laps behind the safety car. Whiting thinks that the problem was the inconsistency of the rain, that was constantly changing in intensity. The riders in front of me wanted to run, of course, poerque they had the best visibiidad. But most of them said that the conditions were bad”.

In statements collected by Auto Motor und Sport, Whiting praised in addition to the help provided by two riders in particular, Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat, according to the Race Director provided the most valuable information and neutral”.