Whiting responds to the criticism about the regulation of 2017


Charlie Whiting is getting a lot of work lately in your
commitment to respond to concerns that drivers expressed in
public. On this occasion, tries to explain the concept
intends to introduce in Formula 1 with the regulations for 2017
, even
without ratifying.

last march 4, the IABA extended the term to define the regulation of 2017 up to 30 April. This, coupled with the delay in the
signing of the contract for the supply of tyres Pirelli, is
damaging the plans of design, development and manufacturing of the
cars of the season is coming
, something especially bleeding
for the teams modest.

But in what refers to the path to take, the riders have
expressed its concern at the fact that the FIA want to increase
the downforce of the cars and to drastically reduce the
lap times of the cars
. In this regard, Hamilton stated
“would not provide better careers”, doubting many of their
fellow of the odoneidad of the concept to increase the speed in
instead of improving the fights between pilots within the track.

Whiting clarified in GPUpdate.net “this is not only
in aerodynamics, we have had several meetings with many requests and
it probably all ends in a halfway point”

There is concern about an increased difficulty
advance if the aerodynamic load increases and, with it, the wake turbulence of the cars, which prevents them to approach the
enough to try an overtaking. In this regard, Whiting
states that “our main goal has only been to make more
easy to follow the other cars to improve the
overtaking. Probably half of the gain [in the
lap times] you’re going to have for the car of 2017 will come
the mechanical grip and the other half of the aerodynamic”
, said
Whiting, who pointed out later that “at this time the pilots
lose a lot of grip when you are behind another car and the
tires do not recover it, so that is one of our
objectives for Pirelli also

Pirelli wants guarantees before signing the renewal


And is that Pirelli has not yet agreed to sign the supply contract to 2017, 208 and 2019, since they do not want to jeopardize your credibility if you don’t guarantee certain test. “it is Not usual that a contract is delayed as much as this, but there’s still time until 2017. Pirelli wants you to specify more in relation to the test. Just want a warranty. If we’re going to put a few goals they want the tools to be able to achieve them. I think that these are the only requirements”, ensuring that “everything else is in order, but now they want a number of test reasonable. What we have put in regulations, but want to be more comfortable and have the ability to test with your own car, you want to have the opportunity to do it well”.

therefore, the ball is now in the roof of the equipment: Creo that we can come to an agreement in the short term. Some teams have told us that they can’t do it because we asked for a car that resembles cars from 2017. Which would be a car of 2015 with a modified chassis to provide the same grip that we hope for 2017. So that will be something like a car mule. We have asked the teams if they are willing to do so. Pirelli will pay for each kilometer, so there is our offer. Now we are waiting for those deals that can offer what we need and then we will decide”.

about Whiting clarifies that have changed “the rules so that there are twelve days of test tires, something that had never before existed. The size of the tyres has been established, have been developing the tyres at its factory”.