Who are you calling to? Ghostbusters have new car!

A new movie Ghostbusters is underway. It will open in 2016 and will try to replicate the success of the original film, with a very different approach. The bad news is that the great Bill Murray will not appear in the film. And although the film will be about ghost hunting, be a team of four girls catch those responsible for the evil ghosts that will devastate Manhattan. And for that, they need a car. This is new ECTO -1 , according to the director of the film announced on Twitter. [1.99901 million]

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And I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the decision taken by the team of Paul Feig. Just so you may know, I’ll put a simile. I maginad who decide to do “Back to the Future 4” instead of a DeLorean DMC -12 empleasen a Pontiac Fiero . Yeah, it’s like the DeLorean and also has central motor, but not a DeLorean. Same thing happens with Cadillac Fleetwood Station Wagon 80 they have used to replace the legendary Cadillac ambulance distant year of 1958, co-star of the original film. [1.99901 million]

Accordingly, the Cadillac family who have chosen is quite attractive as car film. Your tires are red, as tuition reads ECTO -1 and the rear of the car mounted police sirens. But not sirens as an old police car, are an modern strip of LEDs . Definitely not the kind of lights that employ low cost car with 30 years behind. The film is shooting in Boston and will be released worldwide in the summer of next year.

What you say? Are you convinced this vehicle?

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