Who is Ingeborg Stoll-Heise?

In this post we will review the milestones in the career of Ingeborg Stoll-Heise , the only woman who has been on a championship podium motorcycle world back in the fifties which runs sidecar category.

¿Quién es Ingeborg Stoll-Laforge?

Ingeborg Path Stoll-Heise

Ingeborg Stoll-Heise debut in the World Motorcycling Championship in 1952 as a companion to the French Jacques Drion category for sidecars and attended regularly until 1957. In the six years he managed a second place and five third achieve total 48 points among all seasons. His best position in the championship won in 1953 achieving tarcera space. No other woman ever again get on a podium since.

In particular his participation in 1954 in the legendary race that today still disputed, Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man, and finished in fifth place with an average of 102,85 km / h.

Trayectoria de Ingeborg Stoll-Laforge After marrying in 1957 with Manfred Grünwald, also follow sidecars along with other German Fritz Hillebrand, he had a serious accident a few months later. This fact did not prevent Ingeborg Stoll-Heise continue to compete, but not for long because the next year she and Jacques sufieron a serious accident in an international career in Czechoslovakia that ended the lives of both.

It was a female pioneer in a great sport for men and with the addition of running in the fifties. It served as a role model for other women in the world that the American Gina Boivard seventies or English Julia Bingham in the eighties. Already today we must not forget Ana Carrasco and Maria Herrera with a great future in the World Cup after noting the CEV.

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