Who is James Allison?


James Allison, born February 21, 1968 in Louth,
, grew up in an environment dominated by the aircraft and the
fast cars. His father was Commander-in-Chief of the RAF (Royal Air
Force) british in the logistics command and enjoyed his
passion in your free time: restoring old cars and airplanes.

Allison Studied Mechanical Engineering in Cambridge University
in which he graduated in 1991 with a specialty in Aerodynamics
, and
soon he came in contact with the world of competition to be
admitted to the program with Benetton, where he began working as
engineer of aerodynamics at the orders of Willem Toet.

At the end of 2013 came to Ferrari as the replacement for Pat Fry, one
after several years of poor results in
After a 2014 transition, the team was revived last season,
although without getting to intimidate Mercedes in no time. The
this season is still complicated for the Scuderia, which
began offering a performance promising, but that has not been
translated finally in results as a consequence of a
combination of misfortune, strategic errors, and piloting and,
especially, a single-seater excessively sensitive to the changes that
it is difficult put to point.

After the unexpected death of the wife of James Allison in
march, the british engineer has been absent for a while, and
it is said that is assessing the possibility of returning to England
to be with their children, being Renault one of the teams that sound
as possible destinations
. In parallel, different media
international claim that Sergio Marchionne -Chairman of Ferrari-
you want to convince Ross Brawn to return to the squad Italian
as a consultant, because Brawn did not want to go back to work in the Formula
1 full-time.

personal Data
Date of birth February 21, 1968
Place of birth Louth, Lincolnshire (England)
Studies Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Aerodynamics (Cambridge)
Family Widowed with three children
Hobbies acrobatic Flight
professional Career
Benetton F1 (Aerodynamics) 1991
Jabouille F1 (Head of Aerodynamics) 1993
Benetton F1 (Head of Aerodynamics) 1995
Ferrari F1 (Department of aeordinámica) 2000
Renault F1 (Technical Director deputy) 2005
Renault F1 (Technical Director) 2009
Lotus F1 (Technical Director) 2011
Ferrari F1 (Director Técnico) 2013
sporting Achievements
World drivers Championships 8
World Championships constructores 8
Victorias 94
Pole positions 74
Turns rápidas 81
Podios 261