Who is Robert Kubica?

You know Who is Robert Kubica tell you all the details from our Motor Blog . We are facing a 29-year-and prestige in the world Formula 1 and rally.

¿Quién es Robert Kubica?

Had the misfortune of an accident at a competition in rally him away from circuits Formula 1 , and currently only competing in category rally but among his most faithful successors reminded a career of talent again. It was the first Polish Formula 1 driver and have been a total of five seasons in the sport.

The career of Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica began Motorsports from a very early age through karting. In ten he participated in the Polish championship in three years and took only six titles. Later this year began Formula Renault participated in the F3 Euroseries and World Series by Renault which has been reaping success.

It was in 2006 when it began to be test driver for BMW Sauber and coach was pleased with the Polish and from 2007 started from scratch as Pilot holder paired with Nick Heidfeld . He started the World Cup with good results in the races, but Canadian Grand Prix was a very serious accident with pictures that scared the whole world, because the car broke in half. Fortunately Pilot just sprained ankle and several bruises on what could have happened.

In 2008, his best year Formula 1 and surprised everyone. It was actually very close to winning the title, but BMW came to his touch and stalled. The decline continued, and in 2009 not highlighted and best was an eleventh position in Spain after spending the first six races without a point. Indeed, BMW announced that it would continue Formula 1 and then the signing of the pilot for Renault team was announced in October 2009.

La trayectoria profesional de Robert Kubica

But with Renault not shine, but he took it higher performance possible for your car. He managed three podiums and scored on a number of occasions as he finished the season pretty well despite not having a very competitive car. He continued in Renault , which was renamed Lotus Renault, but a few days after the submission of R31 in Valencia, things changed.

The career of Robert Kubica took a turn as a result of blow suffered serious accident in Rally Ronde of Andora played in February 2011 and was forced to abanadonar Formula 1 within the limitations suffered in the left hand. Several personalities around Formula 1 considers that the Polish could have gone far in this sport for its great potential.

Robert Kubica

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