Who wants a BMW 6 Series costing more than the BMW 850i, 1991, “kilometre zero”?

BMW 8 Series, and especially 850i, is a curious case. An exclusive car from BMW, innovative, overpowering, that curiously has not been well treated to keep its value, probably due to the many problems that arose around their electronics. Even so, you will be with me in that to find a BMW 850i 1991 with only 1.759 kilometers is quite a find. And even surprising that its bid has closed in 87.750 euros, given the state and the mileage of this unit, when a BMW 6-Series modern, six-cylinder engine, is now inching towards 100,000 euros.

as we said at the beginning, the BMW 8 Series was introduced in 1989 as the flagship of BMW. Something as well as the state of the art technology, the car, the most exciting thing in the market. Among other unique solutions to their arrival, the electron accelerator, the ecu with a communication protocol for incidents and telemetry similar to that of modern cars, a rear axle multi-link, etc., etc.

But precisely it would be his technology, to the dessert, your stone in the shoe.


The BMW 850i had a V12 engine of 5.0 liters and 295 HP, and usually was combined with an automatic change of five relations. Another of the peculiarities of this car, auctioned by Silverstone Auctions this weekend, is in the fact that you have a manual change.

But what is more surprising, without a doubt, it is in your mileage. The first time I went the service technician was in may of 1995, with 1.445 km. His next visit was not until ten years later, in June 2015, and had only come to 1.759 kilometers.

sold all over the world in around 20,000 units of the BMW 850i, and it is estimated that not more than 1,000 with manual shift mode. So, with those miles, and with this state of conservation, it is more than obvious that we are before a piece really valuable.

Source: Silverstone Auctions