Why are you still not been resolved by the Volkswagen your problem with the TDI in the united States?

Volkswagen is still trying to solve the great problem of the TDI and the manipulation of the emissions of NOx. The latest news that reaches us from the united States, from the California Air Resources Board, point to the initial rejection of the call campaign to fix that has been proposed by Volkswagen for their engines 2.0 TDI. The CARB would have rejected the proposal with the understanding that this had not been documented adequately, lacked relevant information, to establish a technical evaluation and did not detail the impact on the performance, emissions and safety of vehicles called to review. Meanwhile in Europe, Volkswagen has already started the campaign of calls to review, with a quick and easy solution, that just would lead to disruption for your customers. And the question for us readers we did these days was as follows: why are you still has not solved the problem in the united States?

The increased stiffness in the regulation of NOx emissions in the united States triggered the problem, and it is also the reason for which has still not been solved, the solution for affected vehicles.

From which emerged the scandal since I came to warn of the large differences exist between the u.s. regulations and the european, differences that also involve the criminal liability that could face the brand, and some of its officers, demonstrated his responsibility in the facts. Although the scandal salpicase to the TDI sold in Europe, in the final analysis a matter of economy of scale, the great problem arose in the united States, where the greater rigidity of the regulations of emissions of NOx have led to the Volkswagen Group to use illegal techniques to standardise emissions much lower than those that a priori would have been approved without tricks.

nervousness grows, especially in a time in which Volkswagen will receive more pressure to resolve the problem as soon as possible, and in which the trademark has been presented at two events so important to the industry as the Detroit motor show, and CES 2016 Las Vegas. Matthias Mueller, among journalists throwing questions on the matter, would ensure that “in any case it was a hoax, but a technical problem,” (Automotive News).

tdi-volkswagen-100_1440x655cThe only thing certain is that the recipes applied in Europe will not work in the united States. The us authorities do not believe that the solution initially proposed by Volkswagen (for the moment only for engines 2.0 TDI) is sufficient (CARB). In fact, in addition to the lack of relevant information in its proposal, the CARB has sent a confidential document to the mark pointing to the reasons why those solutions would not give the desired result.

CARB acknowledges that the solution is more and more near, and that time Volkswagen has taken a major step forward. Meanwhile, Volkswagen ensures that they are already working on a final solution, which in the worst case could involve the repurchase of part of the vehicles affected.

Source: CARB
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