Why bother Bridgestone to create new tires for the Jaguar XJ220?

Jaguar XJ220 is without a doubt one of the supercars most desired and with more history of the late TWENTIETH century. The secret project of a few workers very petrolhead the Jaguar to manufacture a car capable of rubbing shoulders with the more machines technology of the time, made possible the birth of the Jaguar XJ220 with a few anecdotes and polemics. And just now, 22 years later, Bridgestone has decided to develop some new tires for the few XJ220 which was kept in active.


Find pieces and parts for a classic is not easy, even more so if we speak about items that make use of the latest technology

According to the data they handle on the chequered history of the Jaguar XJ220, Jaguar only went on to manufacture a total of 281 units of the 350 promised between 1992 and 1994, a further indication that this magnificent supercar was a project far beyond the possibilities of Jaguar at that time. From the minute one became the dark object of desire of many collectors, and to this day, the units that are in active just to accumulate miles of exposure in exposure.

Bridgestone was the official supplier of tyres for all and each one of the Jaguar XJ220 produced, and for this reason has decided to do in honor of such a link by developing a few tires brand new using the latest technology of the industry. Bridgestone has joined the shop, british Gift Law specialized Racing in the Jaguar XJ220 to really make this interesting idea.

Jaguar-XJ220-1992-2016-01According to the first information published by Road&Track, Bridgestone has in its possession a Jaguar XJ220 with chassis number 004 on the that you are doing all the development testing and validation. The tires that will result from this research project will be provided only to the Jaguar XJ220 and will do so in measures 255/45 ZR17 for the front, 345/35 ZR18 for the back train.