Why buy a Toyota Prius instead of a compact premium, a BMW 1 Series or Mercedes A-Class?

we Already know the price of the new Toyota Prius, a Toyota Prius which is positioned, at a price above the compact generalists in their power range, above the SEAT León, Volkswagen Golf, Renault Mégane… drives for both in the territory of the compact premium, the Mercedes A-Class, the Audi A3 or the BMW 1-Series, but… why buy a Toyota Prius in place of one of these compact premium?

does The charm of having a different car is not enough? In addition it is well equipped:

The Toyota Prius offers us a mechanical hybrid of 122 horses by a price starting 32.250 euros (29.990 euros with the offers currently available), a price that places it above the Mercedes A 180, gasoline 122 horsepower and with a starting price of 28.075 euros and above BMW 118i 5 doors, with 136 horses, part from 27.550 euro.

therefore, what offers us the Toyota Prius in front of these compact?What justifies its price premium versus models apparently superior in terms of finishes, details…?

we Must understand that the Toyota Prius is not a compact, is already an icon that not only seeks to offer a mobility solution within the C-segment, which is also, but also represents a few values that go beyond their performance eco-friendly. It is a car that by design and technology enchant the audience is more techie and in addition has earned a certain label of “cool” car that’s “cool”.

And if that was not enough it has a good endowment of equipment (parking sensors, multimedia system with touch screen…) and a look extravagant with a lot of personality.