Why buy the new MINI Clubman in place of a Mercedes A-Class, an Audi A3 or BMW Series 1?

MINI has sought a new approach to the MINI Clubman, an approach that leads to the segment of the compact, with a new set of doors, with a larger size. A change that causes it to become alternative to the compact of BMW, Mercedes and Audi, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A-Class and the Audi A3, but why buy a MINI Clubman in place of one of these compact?

In your extra personality serial number is the key:

certainly cope with issues more rational as the habitability of the MINI Clubman offers us a perspective of the segment in which the aesthetics plays a fundamental role, since not only relying on the “design” typical of MINI but also introducing a behind very representative though by the way has lost some of its charisma from its predecessor, even more unique with a door of a suicide in one of its sides in favor of a traditional setup of 5 doors.

in Addition, the MINI Clubman has a good dynamic, very MINI, with suspensions firm and a good touch of generalized controls and a inner well-resolved, with good settings, qualities and details in addition to the catalog of customization of the brand.

is Worth, their beauty, the extra “personality” so MINI, is its main trump card in favor, but how much does it cost?

range of the MINI Clubman started on 24,000 euros with the ONE, and the 25,000 euros with the One D, diesel, with a power of 102 horses and 116 horses respectively. By now the more powerful alternative is the Cooper S, with 192 horsepower and a starting price of 30.100 euros and no, there is no lack of options with all-wheel drive All4.

If you are thinking of buying a MINI Clubman do not lose sight of What car do I buy? (See MINI Clubman in What car do I buy?), but how it is positioned compared to your rivals?

The MINI Clubman is priced fairly even the rest of the compact premium, only the Mercedes A-Class stands out with a slightly higher price.