Why do drivers have stopped washing her car in Los Angeles (and you should too)?

In park your car in a public place and be spotted tattooed with messages of love on the dirt, or rescued “piggy wash it,” the obsession with cleanliness of your car, there is a long way. In Los Angeles has emerged a new trend, strolling proudly your dirty car, and even encourage others to do it with stickers and the message “Go for the drought dirty” , and proudly share images Your covered with dust and dirt on social networks drive (see #DirtyCarPledge hashtag on Twitter). More than 14,000 drivers have joined this action. Have we gone mad? How long a dirty car (do not) is well seen? How has emerged this action encouraging drivers to Los Angeles not wash your car?

The drought in California has encouraged drivers to wear with pride dirt from your car in the summer.

There’s nothing like a clean, shiny car. But at critical times, like summer, there are other priorities, such as water shortages, more important than our vanity . In California, as in many regions of Spain, water is a scarce commodity in the summer, so that any excess consumption must be tackled urgently. In Spain, in regions like Andalusia, limits were imposed for years to actions like washing a car, or fill a swimming pool with water. In California, referring to the concern for sustainable mobility in the United States, they wanted to give a twist to that advice not to waste water, transforming it into pride for driving a dirty car.

Meanwhile, they have also begun to gain much interest the ideas and tips on how to keep a clean car without often go through the car wash (Los Angeles Times). A car with a use within normal, has not washed daily, not weekly. So the best way to save on washing, and save water in times of drought, our car is to prevent soiling. Truism.


Keep clean our car is also important, especially if the dirt tank includes substances such as bird droppings or secretions and fruit trees, harshly attacking the paint finish of your vehicle.

But remember how important it is to wash our vehicle regularly , and do it correctly. Otherwise we may find unpleasant surprises. Dirt covering our car body can destroy it. Be especially careful with dirt that adheres to the windshield wipers that activate (for example, if it begins to sparkle and the rain sensor is actuated) can scratch the windscreen. We must also be careful with fruit and liquid to fall on the body, from the tree under which parked to give us shade. And the droppings of the birds, which attack our car paint and may cause you to lose brightness or color.

In California not only acceded private motorists, but also companies . Toyota Dealers Association of Southern California, which usually offers a free laundry to customers who bring their car to the garage, is encouraging its customers to surrender to such lavage.

Finally, we must not forget that washing a car requires hundreds of liters consumption , a not inconsiderable amount. And that There are more or less efficient washing systems , or even based on recycled water, like those in most California car washes. For that reason, and others, such as wastewater management, washing the car in an authorized for that purpose (and not do it in the street or in the yard of our house) is always the best place.

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