Why do Volkswagen and Toyota because not only do they want you to buy their cars, but also that the share?

Said Matthias Mueller, CEO of Volkswagen, which in the near future its main product will not be the car (Automotive News). And no, in this case we do not refer to their famous sausages (did you Know that Volkswagen makes more sausages than cars?). Volkswagen ensures that its future lies in becoming a supplier of mobility, and that is your promise to your customers. But really what does that mean? What is a nice marketing slogan, now that the Das Auto seems too pretentious, or hide a real strategy?

and they Say that if you can not with the enemy, it is best to join him. We don’t know if car manufacturers will have thought of the car sharing economy and the collaborative, as its number one enemy. Because it is not. The young buy each time less cars, and not due to the existence of Uber, or BlaBlaCar, but factors much more profound. Or so say the experts.

it is obvious to think that influences the economic situation. And indeed so it is. But the long-term problem, according to studies such as those developed in recent years by consultants such as KPMG, is that these young people do not have need of to purchase a car. The urban life style, the change of philosophy about the value of the property, and even the evolution of the priorities of the young people, make the car industry is already assessing what will be your response to the challenge posed by the disinterest of young people for purchasing a car.

volkswagen-budd-e-28Images of the Volkswagen Budd-e.

Mathias Muller, CEO of Volkswagen: “in the near future our main product will not be the car, our promise to our clients will be to become a mobility provider”.

twenty years Ago no one would have raised that there are often alternatives, even taking the taxi, best in economic terms to buy a car. It is here where comes into play the economy collaborative, and car-sharing. Most of the young people in the West live in urban areas, in which there are indeed alternatives to the private car.

And that is precisely where Volkswagen, Toyota, and other manufacturers want to be present. The mention of Volkswagen and Toyota, without going farther, is that precisely are the two brands that have opted recently for investing in the services of Gett and Uber, respectively, proposed a new model of transport with driver alternative to the taxi. More information about the union between Toyota and Uber.

face a future even more distant, the vision of entering in this business is even more important. The autonomous car may be the genuine revolution in transportation almost as much as the industrialization that facilitated the mass manufacture of automobiles, and their subsequent democratization. And come that day, it is very likely that our need for private car is even lower than that now, with car sharing available to us at any time, and for any journey.

That is the future that we are playing, and still we will live. Although, let’s be honest, who wants to ride in a car, or riding a bike, and give up the fun of driving, even if it is just for pleasure?