Why do we keep playing Russian roulette, traveling without a seat belt?

, often regret it, and even denounce, the authorities focused all their attention on the persecution of infringements, such as speeding, sometimes in sections that were no greater danger, and not in train drivers, improve infrastructure, and create real awareness of road safety. Often we also regret that the industry did not put greater emphasis on the progress made in the field of road safety, although it is true that in recent years there have been leaps truly qualitative to protect the passengers. But this speech is in vain, when a driver, or a passenger decides to travel without a seat belt. Why are we playing Russian roulette?

Both in the accident of Figueres this weekend, as the window of the bus which killed thirteen Erasmus students, the use of a seat belt could have played a pivotal role to prevent the death of passengers.

This weekend we estremecíamos with the news of a traffic accident, near Figueres, that killed seven people, six of whom were not using the safety belt. The images, which you probably all have seen on television this weekend, they were sufficiently dreadful as to consider that maybe the belt would not have helped anything, at least for the passengers of the Volkswagen Golf. But even under the brutality of the impact, which they say was influenced by a dramatically speeding, it is likely that some lives had been saved thanks to the retention systems, that are likely to be more lives saved each day on our roads.

And I wonder, whatwhat reason can lead someone to undertake a trip, whether driving or as a passenger, without a seat belt?

cinturon-seguridad-2The work of awareness-raising belt use, particularly on buses, should be improved.

seatbelts save lives. And even though you continue to be the same fabric ribbon black always, the safety belts have evolved a lot over time, developments intended not only to prevent the passenger got out laid off from the passenger compartment, but also its collision against the steering wheel, or linings of the car, enhancing the ease with which we adjust the belt, and even mitigate the whiplash through the use of systems pre-tensioners.

I Want to believe that, despite the tragic news of the weekend in the which is already one of the most serious among cars, the history of our roads, the belt use in passenger cars is widespread.

But honestly I also think that there is another battle pending, even more delicate and crucial to improving the safety of road travel. The Holy Week this year began with another accident terrible, also in Catalonia, of a bus which killed thirteen Erasmus students, none of whom wore seat belts. I’m very much afraid that you are not making enough emphasis to remind us that the safety belt is important, and mandatory, also when you ride the bus and even can bring a fine of up to 200 euros.

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