Why don’t you ever change out the tires of a Mercedes SLR McLaren?

Mercedes SLR was one of the three supercars of the last decade, along with the fantastic Porsche Carrera GT and the exclusive Ferrari Enzo. Maybe something else happened unnoticed that the Italian and the German, but thanks to the 626 BHP of power – coming from a motor 5.4 V8 Kompressor – he was as fast as these. Disguised as a GT soaring flights, it was the first Mercedes production in the use of active aerodynamic. And you have to have a lot of careful not to change its tires. Why is this?

The design of the 19-inch alloy wheels on the Mercedes SLR production was not casual. They were designed to assist in the proper cooling of the equipment of brakes carbon-ceramic, evacuating the heat generated by the same. In a demanding circuit, the brakes could heat up considerably – let’s not forget that the car weighed a whopping 1.768 kilograms – and the fact of mounting the tires on the right side on the left (or vice versa), preventing the proper dissipation of the heat of the brakes.

mercedes-slr-stirling-moss-07-1440pxI’m Not making anything, and in fact it is the Mercedes which called for caution when mounting the tires. The infographic of the that I have taken this information and makes no reference to the SLR 722 or the versions of Stirling Moss, from what I understand the cooling needs would have been solved another way, perhaps channeling direct air from the front on the brake discs. It is in any case an interesting curiosity.

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