Why drive to the “long” lights connected all the time will not be a problem?

Opel has begun with the advertising campaign of the new Opel Astra in Germany . And for such an event, they have turned to the image of one of the best known figures of German football, Jürgen Klopp, who until recently was coach of Borussia Dortmund. Beyond the presence of Klopp in ads, which is not too interesting, it has struck me especially the announcement in which Opel will try to convince the buyer of the benefits of its latest technology in adaptive headlights with matrix LED , the IntelliLux headlights. Will we allow this technology circulate all the time reaching headlights connected?

The array technology LED applied to adaptive headlights allows, among other things, circular headlights reaching connected all the time without dazzling other drivers.

Jürgen Klopp is driving with his colleague, until the latter realizes that the good Jurgen not disconnect your long range lighting. Recall that not disconnect the high beam is a real danger, dazzle the cars ahead of us and those who cross us. And that’s where array technology LED intended to end the problem. And achieved thanks to a very flexible adaptive beam light that is capable of creating a shadow over other cars, not dazzle, and maintain lighting in the rest of the road.

We have not had a chance to test the IntelliLux technology in the new Opel Astra, but soon we will. Yes we have had occasion to try headlights with similar technologies such as Intelligent Light System from Mercedes-Benz. And I assure you that for drivers who enjoy traveling at night, is one of those technologies that if tests never want to go back to a conventional headlights .

Source: Opel
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