Why Ford has made the impossible to be done with a Tesla Model X?

are You familiar with the concept reverse engineering? The Tesla Model X number 64 already has an owner, but that owner is not who you expect, is not a customer mad by the technology and electric cars, but all of a manufacturer’s car of the size of Ford, pretending to examine the new Tesla Model X until your last connection to see what is doing the competition. Ford is not very happy with it have known of this purchase, but that Ford purchased a Tesla Model X has an interesting explanation.

tesla-fabrica-europa-4Although it is usual, no manufacturer likes to admit that is fixed on the competition and buy their products

beyond the technological interest behind this event, best of all is the story behind this acquisition, and it is that Ford has made the impossible to be done with the new Model X, something that no doubt serves as a great advertising for Tesla and the ego of its founder Elon Musk. After the Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Model S, Musk and his company Tesla Motors already there are a few newbies that all qualify as a bluf, slowly beginning to capture the attention of their rivals.

In a time where the manufacturers are already openly talk of big plans of electrification it is normal for manufacturers such as Ford focus their attention on models that are as innovative as the Tesla Model X, even more considering the success that allegedly she is destined to follow in the footsteps of the Tesla Model S. Ford is one of the manufacturers that more is betting on the technology in its cars, both at the level of propulsion trains, as in the section connectivity and attending to the driving. In these three points, it is fair to admit that Tesla Motors is one of the best manufacturers in the which be set in the present with releases like the system Autopilot.

Bill-Ford-and-Mark-Fields-ford-gt-2016-00Ford has paid 55.000 $ more has to be done with one of the first Tesla Model X

Ford would not have made iota of grace that you have been caught buying a Tesla Model X, you don’t have the slightest doubt. But strangely enough, it is quite common for manufacturers to invest large sums of money in buying models of competition to know first-hand what they are doing to their rivals. In this particular case of Ford, we speak of a search-intensive (though always in secret) to find a buyer who wanted to sell his brand new and long-awaited Tesla Model X. Ford only had to find that buyer patient that knew how to invest to then speculate. In this way, the Tesla Model X that bought a customer for 144.950 dollars, it was sold hours later to Ford 199.950 dollars, an investment more than paid for with $ 55,000 of benefit to the customer and a strategic advantage for Ford.

is The only downside? Although Ford has confirmed the purchase and said that it was a practice quite common among manufacturers, no one can deny that Ford would prefer that this procedure does not out to the light.

Source: Bloomberg
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