Why he ended up “upside down” this Honda Civic Type R at the Nürburgring?

Honda Civic Type R vuelca en Nüburgring

you know that Nürburgring, also known as the Green Hell, is one of the tracks more fun and at the same time most dangerous on the planet. There are more than 20 kilometers of path in the combined curves fast, slow, of elevation changes, potholes, and rough asphalt that is not exactly worthy of envy. To this we must add a short loopholes and pianos are very high that you should avoid.

it Seems that this last section, the piano, was not known by the protagonist of today: a Honda Civic Type R ep3. The driver of this Civic of black color wheel to the rhythm “joyful” by the old German track in a day of open doors. Users who so wish can go to the track and let off steam by checking the dynamic ability of your vehicle. The case is that a curve to the right grab too much piano and the car peels off his inside wheels on the asphalt and, unfortunately, ends by overturning.

As we said, most of the pianos of the Nürburgring have a great height and, in addition, they are very short. This does, and is corroborated with the video previously shown, that take the piano internal high-speed is a great danger. As in this case, the high speed along with the sudden change of support of the tire interior makes that the wheels are in the air. Depending on the grip, the angle of rotation and the speed, it may be the case that the car is “upside-down”.

In any case, and although the result may not always be the of a rollover, use the kerbs of the Nürburgring causes them to lose stability car; a stability that does not always come back… In the same way, if the blow is too sudden, it is not uncommon that the tourism break components of the suspension and/or address, or even shred a tire.

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