Why is BMW Individual? Knowing the “division of the whims” of BMW

Tuesday, at eleven of the morning
. BMW has quoted at the Palace hotel, but instead of addressing us under the spectacular dome invite us to descend toward a lower floor. We wait in a comfortable room with dim light, in a few sofas Chester, with some models of cars on the table, what we have come here to do? Start the video presentation, today we’re going to meet the division’s Individual, BMW Individual, the department in charge of all the finishes the most special of the brand, those in charge of serving customers more whimsical…

After an introductory video and some brief keys invite us to change room. This is already more illuminated, circular, welcomes us with a BMW Series 4 Gran Coupe, a BMW X6, a BMW 7 Series, a BMW 6 Series…

Knowing BMW Individual and their ability of customization

I recognize myself as a fan of the catalogs of customization that has BMW, BMW M Performance and this BMW Individual. I love them, but while with the first, with BMW M Performance, I was more familiar (especially after the test of the BMW M4 loaded with extra features M Performance), with BMW Individual he had not had too many “approaches” so that this appointment at the Palace Hotel seemed to me a perfect opportunity to know first hand to this division.

BMW Individual is divided into BMW Individual Collection, that would be the paragraph in which we find ourselves with a range of paintings, tapestries, moldings, tires, and other details (such as ruffles) additional to those normally available in the catalog “normal” and in BMW Individual Manufaktur, the makers of shape in a car requests more personal, offering the possibility of tailor the equipment of the car.

For example you can put a badge custom in the headrests of the seats, on the dashboard. You can choose the design of the rugs, stripes of colors on the outside, put the cushions with your name embroidered on the rear seats, put the logo you want on the controller iDrive, lining all leather…

Rposacabezas Bordado is The limit of the BMW Individual Manufaktur? As we have from BMW is that the demands of the customer do not interfere with the safety. Nothing clad, plated in gold the airbag light.

The only limit set by BMW Individual Manufaktur passed by the security:

I feel in the driving position of a BMW 6 Series. Fingering each seam, I move around with the finger joints of a moulding with a piano-black finish (made of wood) and the white leather, I caress the roof…

From BMW we have placed special emphasis on the focus on the selection and the treaty of the skins and woods employed in these stalls, and in the effects of light on the paintings used. Step the flashlight of the mobile phone only to discover the hues additional behind, the paint of the BMW X6 who accompanies us, in the background I see the BMW Series 4 with a finish mate

I love the braided finish of the leather of the trim of the door of the BMW 4 Series.

BMW Individual Manufaktur

If you were thinking of calling BMW Individual Manufaktur to order a BMW 1 Series, we have bad news… is only available from the BMW 3 Series:

Does the price of dress your BMW in the tailoring of BMW Individual?
The service can be so personalized that it is best that you talk with your BMW dealer nearest, that yes, these services are only available from the BMW 3 Series range of cars and at the BMW X5 and BMW X6 in the range crossover. Interestingly the BMW Z4 does not come within the services of BMW Individual, nor the BMW i8 (or the BMW i3).

Hence, the initial question to give a quick response and obvious, “ why is BMW Individual?”, for the obvious satisfaction of feeling special, of being in a car with a combination of paint and interior finishes only, with the charm of the individualized attention… that search, in short, of what individual in addition, of course, the pleasant feeling of quality of the materials used, the care put into the upholstery, the smooth touch of the wood and the excellent paint job.

BMW M4 Cabrio Moonstone