Why is it a bad idea to throw a small GTI 34,000 euros for very exclusive that is?

DS proposes to us with the DS 3 Performance an option, the sport half way between the small GTI generalists such as the Renault Clio RS or the vw Polo GTI and the premium options are consolidated, the MINI John Cooper Works and the Audi S1. Now the “premium” glamorous Citroën and Peugeot offers us a special limited edition under the name of DS 3 Performance B. R. M. Chronographes, the price of which goes up to 34.100 € ranking so, now, at the height (economically speaking) of the MINI more sporty and the small GTI Audi, will it be enough to claim the exclusivity to sell it?

This special edition of the DS 3 not only delves into the terrain of the MINI JCW and Audi S1, also in the compact sports activity:

The DS3 Performance B. R. M Chronographes proposes to us a gold finish matte, accompanied by a significant endowment of equipment, 208 horses and an overhaul of sports in addition to a watch valued at 4,000 euros, with pretty good look and of course, the additional charm of knowing that in the world there will be only 39 cars like yours, 2 of them only in Spain.

against us we found a few tempting MINI John Cooper Works and Audi S1 that represent the ceiling of what the segment of small GTI we can offer currently. The first has the aesthetic appeal of the MINI, the second with the charm of the all-wheel drive quattro and both with 231 horses, excellent dynamics and good details.

Facing the 34.100 € DS 3 Performance B. R. M Chronographes the MINI John Cooper Works has a starting price of 31.750 € , while the Audi S1 starts from 35.460 euros, bearing in mind also that the DS-3 Performance has a starting price of 27.290 eur.

we Return to the initial question, what justifies the exclusivity, the watch, the price of the DS 3 and its positioning in front of the MINI and the Audi?

of course already posts to overcome the barrier of 30,000 euros, we cannot lose sight of the segment compact sports, the SEAT León Cupra, the Honda Civic Type R…