Why is the BMW 7 Series not only want new car smell?

Believe it or not, the smell of a car says a lot about himself . If there is a field where carmakers invest enough of their resources to create brand image, that is all that has to do with the personality of each model to be transmitted, with the smells one of the most characteristic aspects. Annabelle Coffinet today is part of the design team BMW 7 Series, who explains how offer fragrances in the new BMW Series 7 it has become not only in a curious section, but extremely important for the smell of “new” that is valued both remain in time and also is accompanied by a fully customized fragrance.

The scent of a car is one of the aspects that influence our concept of “branding”

Each manufacturer has its own designs, but at the same time each manufacturer gives his cars a certain unique aroma . This is no accident or anything, so much so that manufacturers invest much time and money in making their interiors to ensure that the smell coming from the cabin generates an idea occupants . Such is the degree of importance of this field, it is well known that many manufacturers use the best perfumers to get their aromas occupants generated in a concrete idea on the model or brand.

bmw-serie-7-fragancia-040715-01 But this field is experiencing a time now a new trend that does not stop there. Although the use of aftermarket air fresheners is a very popular resort, more and more manufacturers are committed to offering their own systems of atmosphere with the intention of providing its customers very specific fragrances and in accordance with certain values.

bmw-serie-7-fragancia-040715-04 The case of the new BMW 7 Series is a new example, finding a catalog of up to 8 fragrances specifically designed for BMW to be integrated into the air conditioning system and can regulate its emission from the system itself. These fragrances are divided into two large families where we found the most refreshing shades (Blue and Green Suite Suite), and the most comfortable and woody flavors (Authentic Golden Suite and Suite).

Yes, we all love that smell “new car”, but the future speaks of perfumes for cars …

bmw-serie-7-fragancia-040715-03 Source: BMW
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