Why is this Land Rover Defender has cost over half a million euros?

In January 2016 it will end the production of myth, an icon of motorsport, a bit of history of the british automobile. In January it will end the production of the Land Rover Defender and today it has auctioned off the unit 2.000.000 for a symbolic 550.000 euros.

During the auction, the Defender 2.000.000 reached a price of 400,000 pounds. Currently a Land Rover Defender normal in Spain is sold by the 27.520 euros

Such bid has been reached in the prestigious auction Bonhams, an auction whose profits, in their entirety, will be dedicated to a social purpose, to lie in the International Federation of the Red Cross and Foundation Born Free.

This unit is not a unit either, and not only by being the unit of 2,000,000. In your production process, participated Bear Grylls, the actress Virginia McKenna and Stephen and Nick Wilks, the sons of the founders of the brand.

beyond the illustrious cast that participated in its creation and the fact of the unity of 2,000,000 this Land Rover Defender boasts of a series of plates and logos commemorative to make it recognizable.

let us Remember that, before putting an end to their production, the Land Rover Defender has a starting price in Spain 27.520 euros counting with a mechanical diesel 122 horsepower and 360 Nm of torque.