Why it is called Formula 1?

Are you for it every weekend waiting peer view TV Formula 1 racing ? that you know the main escudarías and their pilots. But have you ever wondered why it is called Formula 1? which we will explain in this post.

¿Por qué se llama Fórmula 1?

Origin of the name F1

We must go back in time, namely 1922 to find the origin of the name F1 calling pinnacle of motorsports. First it was called “Formula” refers to the set of norms and rules they had to follow the teams, and years later, put “1” is the highest category in the competition.

Formula 1 has been gaining more and more followers and successors once fortnightly to stand in front of the TV hoping to see win their favorite driver. If you must be curious about this sport, you ask whence its name from Formula 1 born, so it seems abstract and does not refer to a particular element of competition in itself.

Well, we must go back to the history of the competition. It was 1922 when it sought to define a formal championship, where he had a set of rules to participate in a Grand Prix. The rules were shown slowly and was not adopted by any team until a partnership bringing together the strongest teams in the world was not created.

So it was two years later the strongest teams they quit Clubs International Automobile Recognized to establish a more elaborate and formal rules estipulasen where some of the standards that today are the basis of existing . Precisely called it “Formula” to refer to this legislation.

Regulations were deposited in 1928 to be renamed “free formula” on the previous regulation is not followed, and it was freedom in the design of the cars, because there was hardly limitations.

When World War II began the races classified as Grand Prix , so it was necessary to create a strong partnership that would check and establish a set of guidelines in this sport. Thus was born International Automobile Federation (FIA).

was a big leap to what we know today sport and “1” is given by the type of competition that was and is the ultimate racing. Since 1950, where several major awards for begins to Formula 1 overall.

Esperamso sorry acalrado your questions about the origin of the name of Formula 1. And if you want to know more curiosities can read our post: What material is the monkey by a Formula 1 Driver ?

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