Why Lamborghini wants to now more models of rear wheel drive?

Lamborghini, is poised to grow and break into new markets. Despite the fact that its range is structured around only two engines and the predilection for the use of traction systems total, there is a new trend brand that wants to offer more prominence to the versions of the rear-wheel-drive, or propulsion, of face-to-attract those customers that are looking for concepts of sport more pure. The Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2 could be just the beginning.


Lamborghini will offer more versions of rear-wheel drive, although we can already forget about seeing a Aventador with all back

In 2010 Lamborghini recovered the rear-wheel drive in their sports, and did so in the form of a tribute to one of their drivers testers: Valentino Balboni. Called the Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2, this version of the Gallardo lost the powertrain front and 10 HP with respect to the specification LP560-4 of which it arose. It was a limited edition of 250 units, but the success of this variant made Lamborghini to launch a similar version of the more modern Lamborghini Hurricane, just a year after its debut, making it this time without limitations in terms of their production.

lamborghini-huracan-lp580-2-2016-02 But how important is that there’s a version of rear-wheel drive in the range Hurricane? In a recent interview to Andrea Baldi, head of Lamborghini for the Asia-Pacific region, has pointed out that the offer of the Lamborghini Hurricane LP580-2 will be between 30% and 40% of the total sales of the Lamborghini Hurricane, which also involves the entry of new customers to the brand thanks to the non-use of systems 4×4. Do not forget that your competition is most direct as it is Ferrari or McLaren make unique use of groups of transmission with rear-wheel drive.

aventador-sv-roadster-5however there is a point that Lamborghini yes, that has made it clear. Although short and medium term are intended to offer more versions of the Lamborghini Hurricane betting with greater decision for the configurations of rear-wheel drive, this policy will not be applied to the Lamborghini Aventador, or its successors. Coinciding with the presentation of the Lamborghini Aventador SV, the idea that this version would be only rear-wheel-drive is repeated several times, but Lamborghini answered this question with an emphatic negative to the loss of control and benefits that would result in the exclusion of the front axle in the distribution of torque… although there is the Ferrari F12 tdf with 780 HP and 4 wheel steering to get to keep the horses under control.

Be that as it may, Lamborghini recognizes that its customers demand more Lambos rear wheel drive and therefore they’re going to bet by expanding its catalog of “all back”.

Source: CarAdvice