Why leave Ferrari manual transmissions definitely?

Ferrari 70 aniversario ediciones especialesThe supercars with manual gearbox are the days. By painful, there are few cars of such high performance that are sold with three pedals. Ferrari has just confirmed that abandons completely the boxes of manual changes, using in all their models the effective double clutch transmissions. A real shame for those who enjoyed the three pedals and that nice gesture of stepping on three at the same time while reducing a gear called “spike-heeled”.

The brand prancing horse notes that abandoning this type of transmissions for a big performance difference between the dual clutch and three pedals. The person who announced this great loss was Michael Hugo Leiters, director of technologies of the brand, quoting verbatim, “Ferrari is the design, the performance and the most advanced technologies. There is No manual transmission that can beat it in performance., so we decided to stay with the gearbox double-clutch”.

Porsche 911 R

Porsche 911 R with manual transmission

Reason is not missing out on this high charge of Ferrari. A gearbox as the equipped Ferrari on its models is much faster that the best pilot in the world with any manual transmission. In addition, for urban use and the day-to-day is unthinkable to compare the comfort from one to the other, while the consumptions are also more adjusted. But it should also be remembered that Ferrari is passion for driving, and in this aspect, there’s nothing like a good manual box.

therefore, we understand, although we do not share this solution for part of the mark of the cavallino. Even more if we take into account that the regular customer of Ferrari reneges on manual transmissions. You just need to take a look at the sales of the Ferrari 599, one of the last models are optionally available in the change handbook. The number of units sold with three pedals you can count with the fingers of one hand, let alone three!!! These units will have a high value in the market of the opportunity in the future, but will you understand to Ferrari that will matter rather little.

therefore, if you want a supercar to debut with manual transmission, your best option is the Porsche 991 R, but I advise that you hurry, manual switching in this type of vehicle will die more soon than later.

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