Why Liberty Media did well to precipitate the fall of Ecclestone


The last 24
January confirmed the cessation of Bernie Ecclestone as a Director
Executive of the Formula 1 after you have managed, or even managed
the category at their whim and without accountability to
almost nobody for decades.

Bernie, who has
with 86 years in the present, is one of those brilliant minds
arise in business from time to time and that, despite its
advanced age, has been able to handle all aspects of your charge
by delegating the minimum
and being able to take the progressive increase in
volume of business with the passing of the years.

Passion for the
engine… two-wheeled

Bernard Charles
Ecclestone was born on the 28th of October 1930
in the English locality of
Bungay. At the age of 16 he dropped out of school to test your vision
commercial as I was presented with the opportunity. The first thing he did
was working in a gas factory, where his father knew a
friend was in charge of the laboratory.

as soon as he had
opportunity, began to compete in motorcycle racing, but gave
note that in the England of the post-war spare parts were
scarce, so they started a business of manufacturing and sale of
spare parts. When things began to go he founded Compton &
Ecclestone together with his partner Fred, coming soon to be the largest
trade of the country
. In 1949, he started in the four wheels,
specifically, in the Formula 3, but a crash at Brands Hatch will
finished to convince that you should concentrate all their efforts in
the business, which soon grew and became a

Return to the

In 1957 Bernie
he returned to racing as the Manager of Stuart Lewis-Evans, buying
the team Connaught in Formula 1 and employing Stuart, Roy
Salvadori, Archie Scott-Brown and Ivor Bueb as pilots. But
Lewis-Evans died in an accident in the GP of moroccan and Bernie
left, back in 1960 to represent Jochen Rindt,
mediation of Salvadori.


At the end of the
decade, Ecclestone was in charge of managing the team Lotus
Formula 2, but, again, the death of its pilot in 1970 made him
leave the sport. For a short time, once more, for two years
later broke in F1 buying the team Brabham Ron
and, immediately, he set to work to convert the
sport into something more than that.

Their early beginnings in the
offices of the F1

professionalization began with the founding of the Association of
Builders of F1 in 1974. Next to him were Colin Chapman, Teddy
Mayer, Max Mosley (later President of the FIA), Ken Tyrrell
and Frank Williams, who led the battle against the FIA
1975 by a new system of distribution of benefits
for all
equipment. A year later emerged victorious and took another step, the of
the tv rights. In the 78 became the Director
Executive of the SEAL together with Mosley as legal advisor, in search of
take control to the detriment of Jean-Marie Balestre, in that
time, President of the FISA (pre-FIA). Three years later
he was born to the Agreement of the Concordia, which gave FOCA the right
to negotiate contracts for TV
. The icing on the cake was the
achievement of his team as the Champion of the World.

The chief

With the completion
the Agreement of the Concordia in 1987, he became Vice-president
the FIA sold the team to Alfa Romeo the following year. Little
after Bernie founded the Formula One Administration (now FOM),
company that has managed the commercial rights of the category
since then. Over the years Ecclestone has managed to
to renew the Covenant of the Concordia repeatedly, though
times with tactics ethically questionable, and with more and more
a percentage of the profits in favour of the participating teams. To
though to pretend otherwise, on more than one occasion, your relationship
with Max Mosley was one of the great partnerships that we
allowed to both maintain the stability
in the management policy and
commercial of the F1, something far more difficult to achieve under the
mandate of Jean Todt as FIA President.

The sign of the

“A man
analog in a digital world”
. This brilliant definition of the
journalist Jamen Allen sums up precisely to Bernie Ecclestone
currently. For years, the most influential people of the
paddock -especially the veterans – have praised the qualities
Bernie as the manager and have been busy to draw a scenario
apocalyptic if, at any time, the uk is missing
. All of this
he came to create around Bernie a halo of immortality only
comparable to that of Jordi Hurtado and the Formula 1 came to take, the
less publicly, that he would die with Bernie Ecclestone.


“it Is irreplaceable,
to make your work will take multiple people”
. At least that
yes that seems to have granted Liberty Media to replace
Ecclestone with three people: Chase Carey as Ceo, Sean Bratches as the head of the area brand and Ross Brawn as head thinking in sports. But that doesn’t mean
necessarily that Bernie is better than they: what that indicates is that
Liberty Media wants to grow the category even more.

it Is true, Bernie
created the F1 today. Also what is that made the rich to Ron Dennis, Frank
Williams and many other great men of the category
started out with really modest. Devised and put into practice a
show to the world, with the capacity of general thousands of
million with which to give feedback to the category
and their
members. That is why, differences aside, each and every one of
the inhabitants of the planet F1 will be both.

The inertia is just

But also
it is true that the Formula 1 takes too much time living of the
income, that there is a roadmap defined, and that certain areas
as the organization of the Great Prizes pass by one of
their worst moments by the abusive system of management of Bernie
Others, such as the commercial exploitation and marketing, develop
to speed a Formula Ford in a digital world that has overtaken
Ecclestone completely.


The economic boom
equipment, circuits and technical partners left behind and only
those who have been able to diversify with other activities continue to enjoy
of enough health as to afford long-term projects
related to Formula 1. The younger generations are not
able to see the appeal of the category
, both in the aspect
figurative as the literal, due to the questionable management of the
possibilities of entertainment and tv rights.

In summary, Liberty
Media has come to adapt the product Formula 1 to the requirements
current. It has come to reinvent a business that Bernie managed to
create in its day, but has been unable to update. What will be
Carey, Bratches and Brawn the suitable to accomplish this? Only time
will tell, but one thing is clear: Bernie Charles Ecclestone not
it was.