Why no vowels in Spanish tuition? Why Austria prohibit combinations 18 and 88?

Nobody wants a dirty plate, or that evokes negative connotations. On that we agree. Yesterday we were surprised by the news, in Austria have banned more than 30 combinations of numbers and letters . Combinations as SS, 1919, 18, HJ, 88, NS , etc. (The Guardian). Probably these combinations mean nothing to you, maybe some other. In any case are abbreviations and codes used by some neo-Nazi movements, in memory of the symbolism, party and leaders of nationalism that frightened Europe and the world, until the end of World War II. A decision that basically follows the same logic as that applied in Spain, why no vowels in Spanish tuition?

Did you know …? The first car registered with the current system of European registrations in Spain was a 1981 Mercedes 230 SL, which was rematriculado for plate 0000-BBB.

Since the introduction of the new European registrations in September 2000 in Spain it was called for a system of fees based on a code of four digits and three letters. Hitherto it applied a four-digit code, a provincial distinctive and one or two additional letters. Then it was established that the combination be established in numbers from 0000 to 9999, and from the letters BBB through ZZZ excluding the vowels. The reason why we excluded the vocal is the same given by the Austrian authorities, or at least similar, to avoid profanity or undesirable combinations and significant acrostics . Ñ ​​and Q are also excluded, to avoid confusion with the N and the number zero.

Curiously, the first car to be enrolled using the new system was a Mercedes 230 SL of 1981. Obviously, this classic was rematriculado for the occasion by a citizens resident in Alava, who got his sports brand dressed tuition 0000-BBB. A license plate that personally I find quite ugly for a classic like this, do not you think?

The question we ask is: is it necessary to be as “protectors” with citizens? Does anybody really be offended, or make improper use of plates containing combinations of numbers to 88 or 18? Meanwhile in many countries, including the UK, the freedom offered by the law, and the auction system of the most desirable combinations, it makes some drivers pay hundreds of thousands of euros coveted tuition as “25 O” or “MC14 REN “.

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