Why on earth have less horsepower Ford Mustang GT with RHD?

I admit I had no idea this problem, but it seems to be more common than it seems. The new Ford Mustang GT – equipped with a engine 5.0 V8 of 421 CV – has already been launched internationally, and is enjoying good sales in Europe. One of its main this side of the pond is UK markets, but Albion perfidious its 6 hp V8 engine has less , staying at 415 hp. Are you allergic to the Mustang GT Earl Grey tea? Is not the case, since the nature of their lower power is purely mechanical.

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When the Ford Mustang was designed perhaps not adaptation of all domestic vehicles with right-hand drive components are properly assessed. Currently, Japan, UK and Australia are the largest markets with RHD – little joke. Anyway, to host systems properly address the Ford Mustang, it had to redesign the exhaust manifolds V8 engine. Because of this redesign, the engine has lost 6 CV. Ford says it does not appreciably affect the performance.

ford-mustang-2015-prueba-mapdm--10-1440px With the 2.3 EcoBoost 317 CV no losses occur power. The smaller physical size of the drive will be allowed engineers to adapt the clockwise direction without problems. I do not know if this power loss has affected more cars over the years, but I’m sure it has. Anyway, British consumers are enamored with the Mustang , which bought especially with the 5.0 V8 engine and equipped with manual transmission. As it should be, if I can use the opinion.

Source: Motoring.com.au
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